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Dear Colleagues,

Those who wish to submit a scientific contribution ought to send an Italian abstract (electronic format) to the coordinator of the Assembly (Salvo Inguaggiato) and to the chairman of the session which you are interested in; the deadline being May 19.

The abstract should be formatted as follow:

Titolo centrato Times New Roman 14 Bold

1 interlinea Times New Roman 14

Autori Times New Roman 12 Bold


Istituti Times New Roman 10

3 interlinee Times New Roman 12

Testo  Times New Roman 12

spaziatura singola


rientro cm 1

Lunghezza testo max 1 pagina formato A4

Bibliografia Times New Roman 10



Nolet, G., Montelli R. and Virieux J., 1999, Explicit, approximate expressions for the resolution and a posteriori covariance of massive tomographic systems, Geophys. J. Int., 138, 36-44.







  • Fumarolic submarine activity in Panarea
Roberto Scandone
  • Stromboli eruption
Giovanni Macedonio
  • Eruption forecasting and the definition of the levels of alert
Warner Marzocchi
  • Etna eruption in 2002
Alessandro Bonaccorso, Ciro Del Negro
  • Characteristics of the explosive activity of Etna of the 2001 and 2002 eruptions
Mauro Rosi
  • Innovation in the methods of volcano monitoring and volcano structure modelling
Giovanni Chiodini, Aldo Zollo
  • Volcanoes of the Neapolitan area
Lucia Civetta, Paolo Papale
  • State of knowledge of eruptive scenarios of Italian volcanoes
Franco Barberi

2003 Annual Assembly