GNV Research Program 2005-2006

The Dipartimento per la Protezione Civile (DPC) and the Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia (INGV) have stipulated in April 2004 an Agreement for the period 2004-2006 in which the activity of technical and scientific advice and consultation and the studies on seismic and volcanic hazard are regulated. The Technical Enclosure to the Art. 5 point c of the Agreement, defined in the following months, contains the specification of projects and relative expected results.

The Decree of the INGV President on November 26th, 2004, has approved the organization scheme of the seismological and volcanological projects of interest for the DPC, and nominated for each project two responsibles, one from INGV and one from other institutions. The duty assigned to the project responsibles is the following:

  • Define the project contents

  • Diffuse them among the scientific community through the most appropriate media, and solicit the corresponding contributes

  • Arrange, within January 31st, 2005, and according to the Decree-enclosed form, the project proposals on a two-year basis, defining the Research Units and the relative financial costs

The decree also defines the modalities of evaluation of project proposals, which will be done by an Evaluation Committee jointly nominated by INGV and DPC. The approved projects will be launched in March 2005.

The project responsibles constitute a Management Committee which has the duty to verify the state of advance of the projects and the consistency of the project results with the Technical Enclosure to the Art. 5 point c of the Agreement. The Management Committee is headed by the GNV Coordinator, designated by the INGV President.


GNV Management Committee:


Coordinator: Paolo Papale, INGV Roma1, Pisa


Francesco Latino Chiocci, University La Sapienza, Roma

Giovanni Chiodini, INGV-OV Napoli

Mauro Coltelli, INGV Catania

Stefano Gresta, University of Catania

Warner Marzocchi, INGV Roma1, Bologna

Domenico Patanè, INGV Catania

Alessandro Tibaldi, University of Milano Bicocca

Mariano Valenza, University of Palermo.

Aldo Zollo, University of Napoli Federico II


During the first meetings on December 17th, 20th, and 21st, the Management Committee has established the time schedule and the general guide-lines for the preparation of the projects which will be submitted to the Evaluation Committee. The contents of the Report by the GNV-DPC Working Group in April 2004 (''GNV-DPC Report''), which has received contributes from the Italian volcanological scientific community and has driven the selection of projects and expected products within the Technical Enclosure to the Art. 5 point c of the INGV-DPC Agreement, are taken as a reference for the definition of the project themes.


General guide-lines


The responsibles of the projects formulate a pre-project organized in Tasks and research activities or Work-packages, and associated Deliverables which must be produced within the projects. The organization structure of the project activities are defined by the project responsibles according with the themes and objectives defined in the INGV-DPC Agreement. Each research contribute from the RU's proposed by the scientific community fit in one Task of the pre-projects, and is devoted to the production of one or more Deliverables among those defined by the responsibles. The complete Guide-Lines for GNV Projects 2005-2006 (''Guidelines'') detail the rules for submission and duties of the participants.

Only research propositions submitted via web site according to the modes and rules established by the GNV Management Committee will be considered. The propositions received will be considered by the GNV Management Committee in terms of adherence to the project objectives, congruity of the financial request, overlapping among different proposals, feasibility of the proposed research, available funds, priority of the necessary research, and proved competence of proponents on the themes and methods of the proposed research. The evaluations of past projects from the 2000-2003 GNV Evaluation Committee will be also considered. The proposals which will not be included in the final project will be sent to the 2005-2006 GNV Evaluation Committee, together with the motivation expressed by the Management Committee, for an additional opinion and advice.


Time schedule:


December 31st, 2004:

publication of pre-projects on the GNV web site, and announcement to the scientific community via e-mail

January 11th, 2005:

opening of the web submission for propositions by RU's

January 16th, 2005:

closure of propositions by RU's

January 30th, 2005:

closure of projects

January 31th, 2005:

delivery of projects to the Evaluation Committee