Instructions and form for the proposition of research by RU's


Rules for the submission

Each project proposal will refer to one specific Task among those defined by the project responsibles, and guarantee the production of one or more deliverables among those listed within that Task. The proposals will be prepared according to the GNV submission form, and must include reference to the results from other Tasks of the same project necessary for the development of the proposed research.

Each participant (including project responsibles) can be responsible of a maximum of one RU. RU's and Tasks do not coincide: more than just one RU can apply to the same Task, same Workpackage, and same Deliverables if this can be of help for the best achievement of the project objectives. Each RU can apply to a maximum of two Tasks within the same project, and to a maximum of two different projects (or sub-projects). Each project proposal must refer to one single Task, and include a list of other Tasks and Work-packages the RU is also applying to. If the same RU requests financial support for the acquisition of resources (instruments, personnel, or other) which are also useful for the accomplishment of the research proposed in another Task within the same or different project, the related financial request must be included in the proposal pertaining to only one of these Tasks. The proposals pertaining to the other Tasks (even if within a different project) will be formulated assuming that these resources are available, will include a reference to such resources, and will indicate the Project number and Task number under which the financial request for such resources has been formulated.


The FORM FOR THE GENERAL 2-YEAR GNV PROJECTS to be submitted by the project responsibles to the Evaluation Committee is established by the INGV decree N. 387 dated 26/11/2004, and is reported below:


  1. Title, Objective, Coordinators (max 1 page)

  2. State of the art of the on-going research (3 pages)

  3. Description of the project to be developed in 2005 and 2006, more detailed for 2005 (max 6 pages)

  4. Expected deliverables (1 page)

  5. Table of person/months for 2005 and 2006, organized in Tasks and RU's.

  6. Table of UR's and related fund requests (2005, 2006, total), inclusive of costs for contract personnel (not for RU's belonging to INGV), assegni di ricerca **[NOTE] (about 19 keuro per year), and fellowships (about 16 keuro per year), which will be detailed separately.


In order to adapt to the above form, the following FORM FOR RU's is established:


  1. Project number, Task number, title of Task

  2. List of Work-packages and deliverables, among those indicated by the project responsibles, that will be pursued

  3. Composition of the RU: responsible, participants, each with man/months for 2005 and 2006 separately

  4. Brief description of the state of the art on the specific arguments of the proposed research (max 20 lines)

  5. Description of methods for the production of deliverables, more detailed for 2005 but inclusive of 2006 (max 30 lines)

  6. Timing of production of results and deliverables (in quarters of total project length; e.g., 1/4 = 6 months, 3/4 = 18 months), with a summary of first year and second year results and deliverables; for each result and deliverable, list the products and deliverables from other Tasks (even if from different projects) which are necessary for the proposed research, and the Tasks which will benefit of the research products

  7. List of other Tasks and Work-packages within the same or different GNV project the RU is also applying;

  8. The most significant 5 publications produced by the RU since year 2000, relevant for the proposed research

  9. Financial request for 2005 and 2006 separately, each year organised as follows:

1.      DM: Durable Materials

2.      C,GC: Consumables and General Costs

3.      TM: Travel and Subsistence (specify the necessities in the description of methods)

4.      CP: Contracts for temporarily employed Personnel (specify which kind of contract according to point 6 of the form for general 2-year GNV projects above)

5.      MC: Meetings and Congresses

6.      P: Publications

7.      O: Overheads

8.      T: Total

9.      Resources necessary for the research in the Task, but included in the financial request of a different Task (specify the typology of the request by using the acronyms above, the amount, the project number and the Task number).


**NOTE: The Director Council of INGV has recently expressed the suggestion to limit the personnel for INGV RU's to only fellowships. This is at present under consideration by INGV. Therefore, the possibility for INGV RU's to receive funds for ''assegni di ricerca'' can not be guaranteed.