VOLUME 2 - 1992  Marinelli Volume F. Barberi & F. Innocenti Editors



V. Arana, M.A. Bustillo: Volcanologic concerns of the siliceous metasedimentary xenoliths included in historic lava-flows of Lanzarote (Canary Islands)  


P. Armienti, M. T. Pareschi: Cooling history of basalts and its effects on the kinetics of olivine crystallization


S. Balducci, W. Chelini: Hydrothermal equilibria in the active Mofete geothermal system, Phlegraean Fields, Naples, Italy 
F. Barberi, P. Caruso, G. Macedonio, M. T. Pareschi, M. Rosi: Reconstruction and numerical simulation of the lahar of the 1877 eruption of Cotopaxi volcano (Ecuador)
M. Benvenuti, G. Cortecci, P. Costagliola, P. Lattanzi, G. Ruggieri, G. Tanelli: The metamorphic-hosted precious- and base-metal deposits of the Bottino - Valdicastello region (Apuane Alps, Tuscany): an overview
E. Bonaccorsi, S. Merlino, M. Pasero: Davyne from Zabargad (St John´s) Island: peculiar chemical and structural features 
E. Bonatti, D. Daniele, A. Peyve: Peridotites from the Chain Fracture Zone in the Equatorial Atlantic: a preliminary report
A. Boriani, V. Caironi, E. Giobbi Origoni, R. Vannucci: The Permian intrusive rocks of Serie dei Laghi (Western Southern Alps)
E. Brizi, M. Mellini: Kinetical modelling of exsolution textures in igneous pyroxenes
T. Caltabiano, G. Guiduzzi, S. Leuzzi, R. Romano: Helicopter borne COSPEC SO2 flux measurement
G. Chiodini, R. Cioni, M. Guidi, L. Marini, B. Raco, G. Taddeucci: Gas geobarometry in boiling hydrothermal systems: a possible tool to evaluate the hazard of hydrothermal explosions
R. Cioni, P. Marianelli, A. Sbrana: Dynamics of the A.D. 79 eruption: stratigraphic, sedimentological and geochemical data on the successions from the Somma-Vesuvius southern and eastern sectors
C. Cipriani: Nicolaus Steno: Geologiae fundator
L. Civetta, S. Conticelli, M. D´Antonio, G. La Volpe, P. Manetti, G. Poli: Mantle domains beneath the Red Sea region: inferences from isotopic and geochemical characteristics of Oligo-Miocene magmatism in Yemen
L. Civetta, R. Santacroce: Steady state magma supply in the last 3400 years of Vesuvius activity?
R. Clocchiatti, J. Weisz, M. Mosbah, J.C. Tanguy: Coexistence de "verres" alcalins et tholeiitiques satures en CO2 dans les olivines des hyaloclastites d´Aci Castello (Etna, Sicile, Italie). Arguments en faveur d´un manteau anormal et d´un reservoir profond
W. D´Alessandro, R. De Domenico, F. Parello, M. Valenza: Soil degassing in tectonically active areas of Mt. Etna
D. De Rita, R. Funiciello, C. Rosa: Volcanic activity and drainage network evolution of the Alban Hills area (Rome, Italy)
R. De Rosa, R. Mazzuoli, T. Trua: A petrogenetic model for the coexistence of alkali basalts and tholeiites in the Plio-Pleistocene volcanism of Iblean plateau (South-East Sicily, Italy)
F. Dimanche: Valorisation de deux sables cotiers du Sud-Vietnam
S. Duranti, R. Palmeri, P.C. Pertusati, C.A. Ricci: Geological evolution and metamorphic petrology of the basal sequences of eastern Elba (complex II)
M. Franzini, P. Orlandi, M. Pasero: Morphological, chemical and structural study of robinsonite (Pb4 Sb6 S13 )from Alpi Apuane, Italy
M. Fytikas, N. Kolios: Geothermal exploration in the west of the Nestos delta (Northern Greece)
F. Innocenti, G. Serri, G. Ferrara, P. Manetti, S. Tonarini: Genesis and classification of the rocks of the Tuscan Magmatic Province: thirty years after Marinelli´s model
J. Keller, D. Jung, F.J. Eckardt, H. Kreuzer: Radiometric ages and chemical characterization of the Galatean andesite massif, Pontus, Turkey
L. Leoni, M. Marroni, F. Sartori, M. Tamponi: Indicators of very-low grade metamorphism in metapelites from Bracco/Val Graveglia Unit (Ligurian Apennines, Northern Italy) and their relationships with deformation
G. Luongo, E. Cubellis, S.M. Petrazzuoli: A unitary model for the long-term dynamics of Campi Flegrei
C. Panichi, P. Noto: Isotopic and chemical composition of water, steam and gas samples of the natural manifestations of the island of Vulcano (Aeolian Arc, Italy)
G. Piccardo, E. Rampone, R. Vannucci: Ligurian peridotites and ophiolites: from rift to ocean formation in the Jurassic Ligure-Piemontese basin
G. Venturelli, S. Contini: Petrology of lamproitic rocks: evidence, hypotheses and problems


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