VOLUME 5 - 1994



B. Cagnoli, P.L. Rossi, C. A. Tranne, L. Vigliotti: Facies and paleomagnetic characteristics of a pyroclastic flow deposit in Ustica Island (South Thyrrenian sea)



S. Calvari, M. Coltelli, W. Muller, M. Pompilio, V. Scribano: Eruptive history of South-Eastern Crater of Mount Etna, from 1971 to 1994



S. Calvari, G. Groppelli, G. Pasquare´: Preliminary geological data on the south-western wall of the Valle del Bove, Mt. Etna, Sicily 



B. Capaccioni, G. Nappi, A. Renzulli: Stratigraphy, eruptive mechanisms and depositional processes of the Pitigliano Formation (Latera Volcanic Complex, Vulsini District, Italy) 



B. Capaccioni, V.H. Forjaz, M. Martini: Pyroclastic flow hazard at Agua de Pau Volcano (Sao Miguel Island, Azores Archipelago) inferred from the Fogo A eruptive unit



R. Clocchiatti, A. Gioncada, M. Mosbah, A. Sbrana: Possible deep origin of sulfur output at Vulcano (Southern Italy) in the light of melt inclusion studies



M. Coltelli, V. H. Garduno, M. Neri, G. Pasquare´, M. Pompilio: Geology of the northern wall of Valle del Bove, Mt. Etna, Sicily


M. D´Antonio, P. Di Girolamo: Petrological and geological study of mafic shoshonitic volcanics from Procida-Vivara and Ventotene Islands (Campanian Region, South Italy)


P. Y. Gillot, G. Kieffer, R. Romano: The evolution of Mount Etna in the light of potassium-argon dating


F. Italiano, P.M. Nuccio: Gas/steam ratios and thermal energy release measured at the gaseous emissions of the Baia di Levante of Vulcano Island, Italy


L. Marini, G. Chiodini: The role of carbone dioxide in the carbonate-evaporite geothermal system of Tuscany and Latium (Italy)


V. M. Michaud, R. Clocchiatti: Pyroxene features in crustal xenoliths from Etna: primary nature and elemental exchanges with magma


P. Squarci, G. Giannelli, S. Grassi, M. Mussi, F. D´Amore: Preliminary results of geothermal prospecting on the Island of Pantelleria


G. Venturelli, S. Contini: Hydrothermal alteration of the ultrapotassic rocks of Zeneta, SE Spain



Short notes

A. Cannata, V. Scribano: Density measurements on deep-seated xenoliths from Hyblean Plateau (Sicily)

G. Chiodini, R. Cioni, L. Marini, C. Panichi, B. Raco, G. Taddeucci, O. Leon: Chemical and isotopic variations in the fumarole fluids of Guagua Pichincha volcano during the period 1988-1992

P. Iacumin, L. Civetta, E. M. Piccirillo, A. Longinelli: Acid volcanics rocks from the Parana´ Plateau: an oxigen and strontium isotope study

F. Machado, L. Matias, R. Lemos: Vibration of magma under the volcano of Pico (Azores Islands)



G. Lombardo, C. Cardaci: The seismicity of the Etnean area and different features of observed seismic sequences

R. Dreier, R. Widmer, R. Schick, W. Zurn: Stacking on broad-band seismograms of shocks at Stromboli

S. Falsaperla, H. Langer, B. Martinelli, R. Schick: Seismic measurements on Stromboli volcano in a wide frequency range

S. Falsaperla, A. Montalto, S. Spampinato: Seismic investigations on volcanic tremor at Stromboli volcano (Italy)

S. Gresta, V. Longo: An attempt at identifying seismological precursors for flank eruptions at Mt. Etna volcano

S. R. McNutt: Volcanic tremor amplitude correlated with the Volcanic Explosivity Index and its potential use in determining ash hazards to aviation

S. R. McNutt: Volcanic tremor from around the world: 1992 update

M. Ripepe, T. Braun: Air-wave phases in strombolian explosion-quake seismograms: a possible indicator for the magma level?

M. Riuscetti: Seismic activity of Stromboli as monitored by the summit station

J. Wassermann, F. Scherbaum: Spectral Features and Polarization Patterns of Broadband Seismic Signals at Station Serra la Nave, Mt. Etna


Short notes

A. Beinat, R. Carniel, F. Iacop: Seismic station of Stroboli: 3-Component data acquisition system

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