VOLUME 7 (2)  - 1995
Neogene and related magmatism in the Carpatho-Pannonian Region  
Edited by H. Downes & O. Vaselli Special Issue


Csontos L.: Tertiary tectonic evolution of the Intra-Carpathian area: a review. 1
Pecskay Z., Lexa J., Szakacs A., Balogh Kad., Seghedi I., Konecny V., Kovacs M., Marton E., Kaliciak M., Szeky-Fux V., Poka T., Gyarmati P., Edelstein O., Rosu E. & Zec, B. : Space and time distribution of Neogene-Quaternary volcanism in the Carpatho-Pannonian Region. 15
Downes H., Panto Gy., Poka T., Matthey D.P. & Greenwood P.B.: Calc-alkaline volcanics of the Inner Carpathian arc, Northern Hungary: new eochemical and oxygen isotopic results. 29
Mason P.D.R., Downes H., Seghedi I., Szakács A. & Thirlwall M.: Low-pressure evolution of magmas from the Calimani, Gurghiu and Hargita mountains, East Carpathians. 43
Pecskay Z., Edelstein O., Seghedi I., Szakacs A., Kovacs M., Crihan M. & Bernad A.: K-Ar datings of Neogene-Quaternary calc-alkaline volcanic rocks in Romania. 53
Konecny V., Lexa J. & Hojstrocova V.: The Central Slovakia Neogene Volcanic Field: a review.  63
Lyashkevich Z.M.: Neogene volcanic rocks of the Ukrainian Carpathians: a brief review. 79
Kaliciak M. & Zec B.: Review of Neogene volcanism of Eastern Slovakia.    87
Zec B. : Geology and petrochemistry of the Bogota stratovulcano, Eastern Slovakia. 89
Karátson D.: Ignimbrite formation, resurgent doming and dome collapse activity in the Miocene Börzsöny Mountains, North Hungary. 107
Capaccioni B., Coradossi N., Harangi R., Harangi Sz., Karatson D., Sarocchi D. & Valentini L.: Early Miocene pyroclastic rocks of the Bükkalja Ignimbrite Field (North Hungary): a stratigraphic preliminary report. 119
Harangi Sz., Wilson M. & Tonarini S.: Petrogenesis of Neogene potassic volcanic rocks in the Pannonian Basin.     125
Seghedi I., Szakacs A. & Mason P.R.D.: Petrogenesis and magmatic evolution in the East Carpathian Neogene volcanic arc (Romania). 135
Szakacs A. & Seghedi I.: The Calimani-Gurghiu-Hargita volcanic chain, East Carpathians, Romania: volcanological features.   145
Embey-Isztin A. & Dobosi G.: Mantle source characteristics for Miocene-Pleistocene alkali basalts, Carpathian-Pannonian Region: a review of trace elements and isotopic composition. 155
Konecny V., Lexa J., Balogh Kad. & Konecny P.: Alkali basalt volcanism in Southern Slovakia: volcanic forms and time evolution. 167
Harangi Sz., Vaselli O., Tonarini S., Szabo Cs., Harangi R. & Coradossi N.: Petrogenesis of Neogene extension-related alkaline volcanic rocks of the Little Hungarian Plain Volcanic Field (Western Hungary). 173
Harangi R. & Harangi Sz.: Volcanological study of the Neogene basaltic volcano of Sághegy (Little Hungarian Plain Volcanic Field, Western Hungary). 189
Dobosi G., Fodor R.V. & Goldberg S.A.: Late-Cenozoic alkalic magmatism in Northern Hungary and Slovakia: petrology, source compositions and relationship to tectonics. 199
Downes H., Vaselli O., Seghedi I., Ingram G., Rex D., Coradossi N., Pecskay Z. & Pinarelli L.: Geochemistry of late Cretaceouse-early Tertiary Magmatism in Poiana Rusca (Romania). 209
Downes H. & Vaselli O.: The lithospheric mantle beneath the Carpathian-Pannonian Region: a review of trace element and isotopic evidence from ultramafic xenoliths. 219
Szabo Cs., Harangi Sz., Vaselli O. & Downes H.: Temperature and oxygen fugacity in peridotite xenoliths from the Carpathian-Pannonian Region. 231
Konecny P., Konecny V., Lexa J. & Huraiova M.: Mantle xenoliths in alkali basalts of Southern Slovakia.       241
Szabo Cs., Vaselli O., Vannucci R., Bottazzi P., Ottolini L., Coradossi N. & Kubovics I.: Ultramafic xenoliths from the Little Hungarian Plain (Western Hungary): a petrologic and geochemical study. 249
Zanetti A., Vannucci R., Oberti R., Dobosi G.: Trace element composition and crystal-chemistry of mantle amphiboles from the Carpatho-Pannonian Region. 265
Torok K. & De Vivo B.: Fluid inclusions in upper mantle xenoliths from the Balaton Highland, Western Hungary.     277
Torok, K.: Garnet breakdown reaction and fluid inclusions in a carnet-clinopyroxenite xenolith from Szentbèkkálla (Balaton Highland, Western Hungary). 285


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