Acta Vulcanologica
VOLUME 7 ( I ) - 1995



P. Manetti, G. Pasquare´, Tsegaye Abebe: A New Geo-Volcanological Map of Filicudi Island (Aeolian Arc, Italy)


P. Manetti, G. Pasquare´, A. Tibaldi, Abebe Tsegaye: Geology, structure and evolution of the island of Alicudi, Aeolian Volcanic Arc, Italy


A. P. Santo, Y. Chen, A. H. Clark, E. Farrar, Abebe Tsegaye: 40Ar/ 39Ar ages of the Filicudi Island volcanics: implications for the volcanological history of the Aeolian Arc, Italy


G. Berrino, P. Capuano: Gravity anomalies and structure at the island of Pantelleria


C. Bruyninx, R. Warnant: Detection of ground movements on the Mt. Etna volcano using the Global Positioning System


F. Parello, W. D´Alessandro, P. Bonfanti, G. Dongarrà: Subsurface gases in selected sites of the Mount Etna area (Sicily)


N. Calanchi, B. Capaccioni, M. Martini, F. Tassi, L. Valentini: Submarine gas-emission from Panarea Island (Aeolian Archipelago): distribution of inorgaic and organic compounds and inferences about source conditions


D. Ereditato, G. Luongo: Explosion quakes analysis at Stromboli: Experimental data and synthetic seismograms


A. Renzulli, B. G. J. Upton, G. Nappi: Magma chamber processes preceding the Pitigliano Formation eruption (Latera volcanic complex, central Italy): evidence from cognate plutonic clasts


N. Calanchi, F. Lucchini, C. Navarro-Ochoa, P. L. Rossi, J. Sanchez-Perez :The magmatic evolution of the "modern" activity of the Nevado de Colima volcano in relation to the Colima Volcanic Complex activity (Mexico)


F. Stoppa, S. Sforna: Geological map of the S. Venanzo volcano (Central Italy): explanatory notes


Short Notes
G. Budetta, C. Del Negro: Piezomagentic field variation expected at Vulcano  93


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