VOLUME 8 ( I ) - 1996



Armienti P., D´Orazio M., Innocenti F., Tonarini S., Villari L.: October 1995-February 1996 Mt. Etna explosive activity: trace element and isotopic constraints on the feeding system. 1
Calanchi N., Dinelli E., Gasparotto G., Lucchini F.: Discovery of Etnean tephra layers in Albano Lake and Adriatic Sea cores. 7
Cocina O., Neri G., Privitera E., Spampinato S.: Earthquake and stress tensor space- time distribution at Mount Etna before the 1991-1993 volcanic eruption. 15
D´Alessandro W., Parello F., Valenza M.: Gas manifestations on Mount Etna Area: historical notices and new geochimical data (1990-1993) 23
Dellino P. & LaVolpe L.: Cluster analysis on ash particles morphology features to discriminate fragmentation dynamics in explosive eruptions. 31
Ferrari L., Conticelli S., Burlamacchi L., Manetti P.: Volcanological evolution of the Mt. Amiata Volcano Southern Tuscany: new geological and petrochemical data. 41
Harris A.J.L., Stevens N.F., Maciejewski A.J.H., Rollin P.J.: Thermal evidence for linked vents at Stromboli. 57
Nimis P., Bertolo S., Dal Negro A., Mellini M.: Crystal chemistry and geobarometry of clinopyroxene in ancient and historical basic volcanic rocks from Mt. Etna (Sicily, Italy). 63
Rossi P.L., Tranne C.A., Calanchi N., Lanti E.: Geology, stratigraphy and volcanological evolution od the island of Linosa (Sicily Channel). 73
Tibaldi A.: Distinguishing tectonic faults from lava flow faults in basalts of Mt Etna and trachytes on Ischia Island, Italy.  91
Vaggelli G., Giacobbe A., De Vivo B.: Silicate-melt inclusions in clinopyroxenes from "Preistoric" transitional to alkaline etnean lavas: inferences on magma evolution processes. 99
Short Notes
Bonfanti P., D´Alessandro, Dongarrà G., Parello F., Valenza M.: Mt Etna eruption 1991-93: Geochemical anomalies in groundwaters. 107
Imamverdief N., Mamedov M.N.: Neogene-Quaternary volcanism in the lesser Caucasus, Azerbaijan.  115
Ventura G., Vilardo G., Tammaro U.: Earthquake-induced gravity slides at M.Somma caldera (July-August 1995, Somma Vesuvius volcanic complex). 111


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