VOLUME 9 (1) - 1997


Armienti P., Pareschi M.T., Pompilio M.: Lava textures and time scales of magma storage at Mt. Etna (Italy).
Azzaro R.: Seismicity and active tectonics along the Pernicana fault, Mt. Etna (Italy).
Azzaro R., Barbano M.S.: Intensity-magnitude relationship for the Mt. Etna area (Sicily). 
Azzaro R., Del Negro C., Rasà R.: Magnetic evidence of a buried graben-like structure in the Pernicana-Provenzana area (Mt. Etna, Sicily) and hydrogeological implications.
Bianco F., Castellano M.: The anisotropic volume of Mt Etna: possible relationship with the stress-field. 
Budetta G., Carbone D., Greco F.: Microgravity studies as an improved tool in monitoring volcanic activity on Mt. Etna.
Continisio, R., Ferrucci, F., Gaudiosi, G., Lo Bascio, D., Ventura, G.: Malta escarpment and Mt. Etna: early stages of an asimmetric rifting process? Evidences from geophysical and geological data. 45
Corsaro R.A., Cristofolini R. : Geology, geochemistry and mineral chemistry of tholeiitic to transitional Etnean magmas. 
Del Negro C., Ferrucci F., Napoli R.: The permanent network for magnetic surveillance of Mt. Etna: changes in the geomagnetic total intensity observed in 1995.
D’Orazio M., Tonarini S., Innocenti F., Pompilio M.: Northern Valle del Bove volcanic succession (Mt. Etna, Sicily): petrography, geochemistry and Sr-Nd isotope data.
Garavelli A., Grasso M.F., Vurro F. : Sublimates and fumarolic incrustations at Mount Etna from 1993 to 1996.
Garduño V.H., Neri M., Pasquarè G., Borgia A., Tibaldi A.: Geology of the NE-Rift of Mount Etna (Sicily, Italy).
Gresta S., Bella D., Musumeci C., Carveni P.: Some efforts on active faulting processes (earthquakes and aseismic creep) acting on the eastern flank of Mt. Etna (Sicily). 101
Gresta S., Cristofolini R., Di Grazia G.: Energy release at Mt. Etna volcano during 1988- 1992.  109
Lanzafame G., Bousquet J.C.: The Maltese escarpment and its extension from Mt. Etna to Aeolian Islands (Sicily): importance and evolution of a lithosphere discontinuity. 113
Lanzafame G., Neri M., Coltelli M., Lodato L., Rust D.: North-South compression in the Mt. Etna region (Sicily): spatial and temporal distribution. 121
Maugeri S.R., Nunnari G., Puglisi G.: Inverting ground deformation data: a comparison between the Least Squares method and neural approach.  135
Mauriello P., Patella D., Petrillo Z., Siniscalchi A.: Mount Etna structural exploration by magnetotellurics.
McGuire W.J., Stewart I.S., Saunders S.J.: Intra-volcanic rifting at Mount Etna in the context of regional tectonics.
Ramos J.I.: Magma ascent in volcanic conduits. 157
Trua T., Laurenzi M. A., Oddone M.: Geochronology of the Plio-Pleistocene Hyblean volcanism (SE Sicily): new 40Ar/39Ar data. 167


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